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The podcast of the Sacred Inclusion Network

Feb 14, 2020

Musician Jonathan Adams eight years ago was suddenly stricken with a crippling form of depression and anxiety. It was then he discovered a new way of experiencing music and sound. Instead of using these tools to entertain others, he used them instead to  calm himself down. Over time, he realized that music and sound could became a gateway of transformation and a means for expanding consciousness.

For the past several years, Adams has become less of a performer and more of teacher and sound therapist.  His passion these days is helping others use sound and music for healing and spiritual upliftment.

In this podcast, Adams (aka, The Sonic Yogi) shares his origin story, the concept of brain wave entrainment, and how sound and music are used in religious and spiritual traditions. "Nearly every culture and many if not all of  religious traditions use some sort of sound" as a way to transform consciousness," he says.

"The first form of brain wave entrainment was drumming. Indigenous cultures around the world have used drumming as a ceremonial act to get the brain to a different place."

In addition to explaining how sound and music affect the brain, Adams here shares an original composition, improvises with drum and Tibetan bells, and explains  how  certain frequencies stimulate the focal points in the subtle body or chakras. 

Adams started his career as a professional musician, recording albums for classical guitar with albums for Pamplin, Intersound Records and his own label.

As the Sonic Yogi, he's put his focus into the exploration of the healing potential of music, and has given talks and workshops on  sound therapy at Tedx, national spiritual living conferences and elsewhere. His vibrational sound therapy tracks can be streamed on Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, Youtube and the Insight Timer app.