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The podcast of the Sacred Inclusion Network

Sep 24, 2019

Clients of business trainer and consultant Mark Silver seek to achieve business success by integrating spiritual principles in their pursuit of profit. They want to change the paradigm of business so that it doesn't incorporate the negative aspects of extreme capitalism, such as the disregarding of social consequences, income inequality, and exploitation of labor.

As he explains in this podcast, the mission of Silver's Heart of Business (HOB) company is to support spiritually grounded marketing and business people who want to run a small business in a way that isn’t slimy or insincere.

Although he’s a fourth generation entrepreneur, it wasn’t until he began his studies in Islamic Sufism two decades ago that he truly understood that business isn’t something that needs to be separate from spirituality. Prior to that, he’d been attempting to apply New Age principles to his business, but that approach really wasn’t working for him.

About that time, he encountered Dr. Ibrahim Jaffee, the renown physician, Sufi, and pioneer of Medical Spiritual Healing  “Yes, we can use this (work) for physical healing,” Jaffee explained, “but we can also use it for relationships, for groups and ...for business.” What he learned from Jaffee, other Sufi teachers, and his lived experience formed the basis of Silver’s Heart of Business.

In this podcast, Silver explains what he’s learned in the eighteen years since he founded his company, HOB's evolution from a primarily fixed-fee enterprise to a “pay from the heart” practice, and Silver thoughts on the destiny of Islam.