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The podcast of the Diversity and Spirituality Network

Jun 13, 2019

When he was young, Jess Lederman was an atheist and thought people who believed in God were fools. But one day, his wife heard a radio interview with Francis Collins, the eminent geneticist and devout Christian who like the Ledermans spent the earlier part of his life as a nonbeliever.

Lederman in some respects followed...

Improvisation and Mindfulness

May 17, 2019

One of the founders of the improvisation and mindfulness movement talks about improvisation as a life practice, the connection between spiritual practice and improvisation. and what it means to live an improvised life.
Back in 2013, Ted DesMaisons assembled a group of improvisors at a San Francisco Zen monastery to...

Mar 26, 2019

What does society lose when religion no longer is a safe topic for discussion in public spaces? How has the role of religion changed in parts of the world that are increasingly secular? What are the unexpected consequences of laws designed to prevent discrimination based on religious preferences?

These questions are...

Mar 6, 2019

Rosie Nestingin is an African-American woman who grew up in North Dakota, one of the whitest states in the U.S.  Because she grew up in a multiracial household, and went to daycare with international children, she was shocked to discover that hers was one of the only black faces in her elementary school. As a result of...

Feb 20, 2019

Cultural Agility Strategist Niambi Jaha-Echols talks about the roots of racism, why it's historically been difficult to dismantle, and the role of ancestral healing in curing its wounds. 

Racism, Jaha-Echols says, is a sickness that can't be cured by that operating on the same vibrational level of its cause. Eradicating...