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The podcast of the Sacred Inclusion Network

Oct 24, 2023

Host Angelo John Lewis and guest Lucas Johnson engage in a powerful conversation about spirituality and social justice.

Lucas Johnson, an ordained minister and Executive Vice President for Social Healing for the On Being Project, shares his deep global experience in conflict resolution and community organizing.

Drawing from his global experience, Johnson shares examples of nonviolent activism from around the world. From South Africa's truth and reconciliation process to the American civil rights movement, he highlights how nonviolence can effectively bring about positive social change.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Nonviolence as a Strategy for Social Change: Johnson emphasizes the importance of nonviolence as a powerful strategy for social change. He believes that nonviolence allows for broader participation in campaigns and protests, leaving room for opponents to grow and change their views. Nonviolence is not just a tactic, but a spiritual orientation to life that recognizes our interdependence with others.
  2.  Inner Work and Healing: Johnson underscores the significance of inner work and collective healing in the pursuit of social justice. Nonviolence requires personal and collective healing to create conditions that make it possible for others to choose nonviolence. Viewing opponents as sick and in need of healing can shift attitudes and promote reconciliation.
  3. Spirituality and Social Justice: Johnson's upbringing in diverse religious traditions, his connection to the black Christian tradition, and his personal experiences have shaped his understanding of the interplay between spirituality and social justice. He credits his family, particularly his grandmother, for instilling in him the values of justice, care, and community.
  4.  Finding Joy and Gratitude: Amidst the complexities of the world, Johnson emphasizes the importance of finding joy and gratitude. He shares his spiritual practices of experiencing joy, being in the company of loved ones, and sitting with silence. These practices help him stay spiritually grounded and navigate the challenges of the world. Links