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The podcast of the Sacred Inclusion Network

Oct 10, 2019

Walking the conventional path was only briefly in the cards for Staci Boden, who these days proudly calls herself a "mama-bear, life-guide energy teacher."

While in law school 25 years ago, it didn't take long for Bodin to realize that she was less interested in legalism, then following in the footsteps of people like Starhawk, a pioneer of the goddess movement and earth-based feminism. 

So she dropped out of law school and enrolled in the California Institute of Integral Studies' master's degree program in women's spirituality. She later became a certified Doula, studied non-ordinary states consciousness training through the Center for Sacred Studies, and established a counseling and facilitation career focused on helping people integrate the spiritual with the practical. 

In this podcast, Boden talks about earth-based spirituality, the contrast between talk therapy and energy work, and the role of ceremony in transformation and healing.

Boden is the author of Turning Dead Ends into Doorways: How to Grow through Whatever Life Throws Your Way.