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The podcast of the Sacred Inclusion Network

Dec 24, 2021

For Robert "Bob" Dunham, the art of effective leadership is as much as inner game as an outer one. It begins, he says, with the leader identifying what h/she cares about, what h/she'll will do to respond to that caring, and then engaging with others about shared meaning.

When beginning his work with prospective leaders,...

Mar 12, 2021

Although the US is nominally a secular state, the majority of its citizens think of themselves as spiritual.

That's one of the central findings of a recent major study of spirituality in the United States.

"About three quarters of the respondents said that spirituality is either very important to them, or somewhat...

Feb 9, 2021

Contemporary neuroscience is an essential ingredient in our understanding of human development, including our capacity for greater happiness and wisdom.  The past three decades have seen the study of the brain and its relationship to human experience move forward with more vigor and enthusiasm than any other scientific...