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The podcast of the Sacred Inclusion Network

Oct 5, 2017

Author Stephen Earle talks about his studies with Japanese spiritual teachers; the relationship between sound, language and reality; and the untold story of how a former spy turned businessman introduced yoga to Japan.

Earle talks about what led him in his early 20s to move to Japan, his lifelong study of the martial art of aikido, and his mentorship with Odano Sanae, who deeply influenced his understanding of the relationship between sound, language and reality. Odano's work is the subject of Earle's first book,  Words Characters and Transparency.

Earle shares what led him to devote fifteen years to learning about the life and work of Nakamuru Tempu, a former spy turned businessman, whose spiritual realization led him to create a unique approach to yoga practice and philosophy which influenced a post-war generation of Japanese government officials, business leaders, and artists. Earle' tells the story of Tempu's life and philosophy in his recently published book, Heaven's Wind: The Life and Teachings of Nakamuru Tempu.


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