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The podcast of the Sacred Inclusion Network

Sep 25, 2020

Author Paul Corson had two out-of-body experiences that have shaped his view of the world.

Now 86, he's now on a mission to share what he's leaned.

His principal vehicle is his new book, Regaining Paradise: Forming a New Worldview, Knowing God and Journeying into Eternity,  "a guided journey into self-knowledge, identity, empowerment, and sublime understanding that will open the mind's eye."

But this podcast isn't really a review of the book

Instead it's a conversation with two individuals who share a mystical way of being in the world.

The two discuss the nature of miracles, the relationship between spiritual substance and the material world, and Corson's born-again experience.

"The human experience... is a flat out veritable,  literal miracle. , Once you realize that you're a miracle, that you're never going to die, it's kind of changes things. You're not running to buy that new car because you have all this time in the world. You know that you're going to be living in eternity," Corson said.

Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Corson is a former pharmacist who established a protocol for the treatment of HIV/AIDs. He received the 2000 Philadelphia Hero Award for his contributions in support of AIDs survivors.